Wine cellar, wine list

The wine cellar, which was decorated with museum-worthy handmade bricks, can be found in the cellar connected to the restaurant. In our classy wine cellar that can host 40-50 people at once, we recommend you the wines of Hungary’s famous wine regions, such as the wines from the regions Tokaj-Hegyalja, Balaton-felvidék, Villány, Szekszárd, Badacsony, Eger and Mór. The house wines are provided by the wine regions of the local Pannonhalma – Sokoróalja and Sopron, our excellent dry white wine is the Tricollis Cuveé from the Apátság Pincészet (Abbey Winery), and our elegant red wine is the Tango Cuveé from Sopron. Our glamorous wine cellar provides an exquisite feeling and mood for wine lovers. We are waiting our Dear Guests with a lovely wine tasting with a range of wines from the Cseri Winery: from the light white wine to the silky red wine. With the pálinkas of the Szigetköz Lelke Pálinkaház, we are happy to hold a pálinka tasting for our dear guest.

Orchidea Hotel Lipót - Borospince

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