Safe relax in Lipót!

Dear guests!

All the hotel's wellness services are available and can be used, including indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, infrared cabins, a salt room and a fitness room!

Safe relax in Lipót!

Safe relax in Lipót!


Plan your autumn and winter vacation, ask for an offer, book! We will handle bookings flexibly, do not take the burden of pre-planning!


We are very glad that Lipót and Orchidea Hotel have been chosen as their place of rest.

We would like to inform you about the security measures our hotel takes to ensure your safety and tranquility.

Our staff

  • Our staff is healthy.
  • No one can come to work on suspicion of illness
  • We held hygienic trainings. We apply what we have learned.
  • All members of our staff work in masks and gloves.
  • We can regularly wear gloves and a mask.
  • Please work with us when we ask you to follow the rules!

Common areas

  • The air conditioning and air blowers have undergone full cleaning maintenance.
  • All community washrooms are filled with disinfectant soap.
  • In our own laundry, we wash and dry bed linen, bathrobes, towels and tablecloths at the right temperature, with chemicals that comply with hygiene rules.
  • The handles are disinfected several times a day and we do the same with everything that can be touched (railings) or that has a button (elevator, coffee machine, pancake machine, etc.)
  • Wash community areas several times a day with disinfectant.
  • In the elevators, we ask that those in one household travel at the same time.


  • We look forward to your cooperation upon arrival!
  • Please use the external hand sanitizer dispenser on arrival!
  • On arrival, declare that you have no symptoms of coronavirus, are not under quarantine surveillance or treatment, and acknowledge the need to follow the general hygiene rules and government regulations set forth in the Epidemiology Code to protect the health of you and other guests and staff.
  • Please 1 person from the family go to the counter for quick administration
  • Your room card is being disinfected.
  • Please keep your distance if you have to wait!


  • We have cleaned up so far that the environment is safe for all guests.
  • Our routine colleagues have now raised the levels of cleanliness.
  • We pay special attention to everything the guest touches, which has a button.
  • The bathrooms are disinfected daily.
  • The air conditioning and air blowers have undergone full cleaning maintenance.
  • We have put together our hygiene measures so that the safety of the home awaits those arriving.


  • At Orchidea Restaurant and Orchidea Café, from the 2nd of November 2020. after the wearing of the mask is mandatory according to Government Decree 468/2020. Guests can take off their masks while sitting at the table. If the guest gets up from the table again or goes to the buffet, it is mandatory to wear the mask again. If the guest does not wear the mask at the request of the operator, the operator is obliged to send the guest.
  • Before entering the restaurant, please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance!
  • Each guest will have their own table, which our colleagues will show.
  • We leave a suitable distance between the tables.
  • We pay special attention to all surfaces, tools and buttons that need to be touched.
  • So far, we have had to comply with strict regulations when preparing meals (HACCP food safety system), we have a practice of following strict rules.
  • At the buffet, our staff serves the food, and they also pick up the plate. This avoids the sharing of serving utensils. At the buffet, let us serve you!
  • For breakfast, please use the disposable gloves at the coffee machines, soft drink dispensers and bakery products!
  • Upon request, we will serve you bread and pastries in a bread basket.
  • We regularly disinfect the equipment and surfaces, disinfect the table after guests and put on new fabrics.
  • On the terrace, the tables are disinfected after each guest, we do not use a tablecloth outdoors

Wellness area

  • We leave a suitable distance between the deck chairs.
  • In our wellness department, we use a disinfectant called Dewan 50 to treat the pools, which is a very effective but gentle hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant for the human body.
  • Regardless, please keep a safe distance from other guests!
  • We constantly monitor the water quality of our pools. Official sampling is also regular.
  • It can be comfortably accommodated as a family. Keep your distance from others!
  • A thorough shower is mandatory before using the pool!
  • The saunas, the infrared cabins, and the salt cabin are requested to be used by families, unlimited between 7 am and 11 pm, but please request an appointment at the reception! Disinfection is performed in these units after each use.
  • The sun loungers on both the sun terrace and in the garden are placed so that guests can keep their distance.
  • In the fitness room, machines are regularly disinfected and often ventilated.
  • Our fitness room is large. Regardless, keep a safe distance from other guests.
  • Please use the disinfectant before and after using the machines!
  • If you experience cold symptoms, please do not use the pools.

We do our best to keep pathogens outside the walls of our hotel, please help us with this.

We wish all our dear guests undisturbed, real relaxation!

Should there be any changes in the current regulations, we will review our measures and change them accordingly. The primary consideration is always the protection of the health and safety of our guests.

Management of Orchidea Hotel.

Lipót, 02.11.2020.

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