Thermal Water

The 65 degree thermal water that rises from 2200 meters deep contains alkaline hydrogen carbonate and iodide. Lipot thermal water calms the soul, refreshes the body, which is perfect for treating and regenerating the following problems, such as: abdominal joint problems, musculoskeletal, rheumatic and inflammatory complaints. Thermal water is suitable for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, gynecological complaints and locomotor problems.

water composition

Kálium 4,00mg/l Nátrium 410 mg/l
Ammónium 1,88 mg/l Kálcium 5,00 mg/l
Magnézium 1,3 mg/l Vas 0,04 mg/l
Mangán - Lítium 0,10 mg/l
Nitrát - Nitrit -
Klorid 70,00 mg/l Bromid 0,13 mg/l
Jodid 0,11 mg/l Fluorid 1,50 mg/l
Szulfát 25,00 mg/l Hidrogánkarbonát 990,00 mg/l
Szulfid 0,23 mg/l Összesen foszfát 0,33 mg/l
Metaborsav 41,80 mg/l Metakovasav 65,00 mg/l
Szabad szénsav 14,70 mg/l Oldott oxigén -


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