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Indoor and outdoor adventure pools filled with thermal water

Hotel Orchidea**** awaits all guests who want to relax in outdoor and indoor adventure pools. The thermal water is excellent for relieving locomotor, rheumatic and inflammatory complaints. The pools are filled with 65 °C thermal water that springs up from a depth of 2200 meters and contains alkaline hydrogen carbonate and iodide. Guests can have standing, lateral, and neck massages using the whirlpool, which provides guests with regeneration, relaxation and refreshment. The pool also has a built-in chess board that provides the permanent possibility to play chess. For our bathers, the bar next to the wellness area makes bathing even more enjoyable.  The long opening hours – between 7:00 – 23:00 – are very popular among our guests. In summer the 35-36 °C temperature water provides pleasant relaxation, and in winter, temperatures around 37 °C allow guests to enjoy the hot water. Our wellness area is accessible exclusively to guests of the hotel. The thermal water has healing powers that go beyond simple refreshment.

Care, attention

Care, attention

and mental refreshment.

Orchidea Hotel Lipót - Wellness világ

Fitness Room and Relaxing Room

Above the pool area, the hotel has a fitness and relaxation room with excellent views of the thermal pool and the hotel gardens. In the room, you can use cardio and muscle building machines, as well as other exercise programs such as yoga, pilates and harmony fitness. In the rest area, our guests can relax in hammocks, listening to calming music.


The hotel operates a 52-tube, 160-watt choco-brown solarium machine located in the cosmetics area. The solarium is air-conditioned and is equipped with 5 facial tanners, aromatherapy fragrance and a cooling spray. Price: 200.- HUF/ minute.

Panoramic Finnish Sauna

The sauna is the perfect place for detoxification. It refreshes the body and provides you with good comfort. Combining a hot air bath with a cold shower has an excellent detoxifying and revitalizing effect. The hotel features a unique Finnish sauna with panoramic views of the hotel gardens. The sauna is made of clear African wood and is equipped with a salt therapy wall. The sauna offers spectacular views of the garden and excellent recreation for those who want to relax.

Infrared Cabins

The infrared sauna is the most modern means of healing through heat. In an infrared cabin, we sweat comfortably and pleasantly at 35-40 °C. Among the methods known today, this is the only one that naturally creates a whole-body healing effect. The sauna clears the connective tissues and relieves the body of acidic waste, thereby eliminating or at least significantly reducing pain and rheumatic complaints. Detoxification of the body reduces painful changes in the musculoskeletal system, muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints, and relieves those chronic diseases which become more common with increasing age and which are connected to the acidification of the body. Raising the temperature also improves the blood supply to the skin, allowing it to more quickly remove toxins and dead epithelial cells. The raised temperature softens and rejuvenates the skin.

The most spectacular effect of infrared saunas is rejuvenation of the skin. Infrared radiation stimulates the blood supply to the skin, which is essential for the development and retention of beautiful, youthful skin. In deep radiation, the skin removes dead cells and toxins and, as a result, improves its structure, strengthens its elasticity, eliminates roughness, and becomes soft. It also has a good effect on the treatment of acne, psoriasis, eczema, burns and other skin lesions. In an infrared sauna, 600-800 kilocalories can be burned in 30-40 minutes.

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